Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy

The root canal cavity is an essential part of every tooth. It houses the dental pulp, which comprises the nerves and blood vessels responsible for the tooth's sensation and nourishment. When the harmful microbes in the mouth enter the root canal cavity, the pulp could get infected and stand a risk of getting decayed, leading to a condition called root canal infection.

What are the symptoms?

  • The patient would experience severe pain when they touch the tooth, bite or chew food, brush the teeth, etc.
  • The tooth would be extremely sensitive to hot and cold foods.
  • The infected tooth would appear discolored due to the decayed pulp within.
  • The gums around the tooth could bleed and discharge pus.
  • Over time, the underlying jawbone could deteriorate, leading to the tooth loosening from its socket. Eventually, it could fall off.
  • How can the infection be treated?

During the initial diagnosis, the dentist will check if the tooth can be treated for the infection. In most cases of root canal infection, the cause of the condition would be a cavity that has been left untreated for a long duration, eventually allowing the microbes to enter the root canal cavity. If possible, the dentist will suggest suitable medication to treat the condition without performing a root canal procedure.

If the condition is severe and no medication or restoration can treat it, we will prepare you for root canal therapy. During this, the infected pulp will be removed from the cavity by making a small hole on the tooth and extracting it using dental files. The cavity walls will thoroughly be scrubbed, and a jet of water is used to remove the microbes and debris. Once the cavity is cleaned, a small amount of antimicrobial medication will be placed in it, and the hole will be closed off using filling material. Over time, the treated tooth could weaken due to the lack of nourishment. Hence, it would be advisable to restore it using a ceramic crown to hold it intact and prevent damage.

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