Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

A beautiful and bright smile can increase your confidence level significantly. Being able to confidently smile while greeting people, attending social gatherings, going out on a date, or just throughout your everyday routine is truly a luxury. But, teeth staining due to various causes makes this difficult and could lead to frequent embarrassment. This is where teeth whitening could become your savior.

What are the common causes of teeth discoloration?

  • Excessive or frequent consumption of colored foods
  • Excessive wear of the enamel, thereby exposing the underlying dentin
  • Drinking a lot of aerated beverages and red wine
  • Improper brushing and flossing
  • Chewing tobacco or smoking cigarettes

What is teeth whitening?

As the name suggests, teeth whitening is the process of removing the stains from the teeth surfaces and making them appear whiter. This is done using a whitening gel that ideally contains hydrogen peroxide - a bleaching agent used in most teeth whitening gels. Further, the gel can be activated using a laser to speed up the procedure of bleaching. Depending on the requirement and the severity of staining, you could choose from the following types of whitening:

Conventional in-office whitening:This procedure is carried out in a dental practice using a whitening gel containing hydrogen peroxide. The dentist applies the gel on the teeth, coats it evenly on all the teeth, and allows it to stay on the surface for a few minutes. It will be rinsed, and the procedure may be repeated multiple times to get a better level of whitening.

Take-home whitening kits: Whitening kits containing a customized teeth whitening tray made from dental-grade plastic and a prescription whitening gel will be given to you. You can use them in the comfort of your home by squeezing a small amount of gel into the trays and placing them on the teeth. The trays keep saliva from interfering with the process, thus rendering a better level of whitening.

Laser teeth whitening: Laser can be used along with a photosensitive whitening gel to speed up the procedure and impart a higher whitening level. This procedure is highly effective, and the results last for a longer time.

Has your smile been dulled by stains or discoloration? You can lighten your teeth to a radiant shade with Dr. Larry Leonakis’s take-home teeth whitening kits. Contact our office at 775-882-0635 to schedule a meeting with our dentist and experience our professional teeth whitening in Carson City, Nevada.


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