Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns

Dental Crown

Crown refers to permanent dental caps that are placed over a misshapen tooth. It aids in concealing a chipped, cracked or discolored tooth in the mouth. At G. Larry Leonakis DDS, the dentists suggest crowns for patients who prefer a smile makeover.

What Are the Benefits of Dental Crown?

  • Crown enhances the aesthetic appearance of the patient.
  • The procedure can be completed in a single dental appointment.
  • Crowns blend seamlessly with the patient's gumline.
  • It helps in promoting the overall wellness of the patient's dental health.
  • The long-lasting results can be obtained through the treatment.

Procedure for Dental Crown at G. Larry Leonakis DDS

The process of preparing a dental crown takes one appointment as the dentistry is equipped with CEREC technology. Unlike traditional crowns, it enables the dentist to perform the restorative service on the same day of the appointment.

The initial step of the treatment is a complete dental analysis. The dentist uses digital imaging systems to attain the image of the tooth. The impression of the tooth is taken, which helps in the fabrication of the CEREC crown. It is transferred to the milling unit, where the crown is fabricated using porcelain material. An appropriate shade of color that matches the natural color of the patients' teeth is chosen for the crown. It is polished and affixed to the teeth and also assessed for correct fit. Dental cement is used to fix the cap on the tooth.

Caring for Your Dental Crown

Good dental care is vital to maintaining a dental crown. The dentist advises the patient to brush and floss the teeth regularly. The patient can use mouthwashes that are prescribed by the dentist. It helps to wash out the bacteria in the mouth. The dentist instructs the patient to avoid biting on hard objects with the dental crown as it may damage it. A well-maintained dental crown lasts up to 10 years. Igt is advised to visit your dentist twice a year to assess the condition of the dental crown.

A dental crown is a simple procedure that provides immediate results to the patient.

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