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Dental anxiety is a common condition in which individuals are stressed or afraid of visiting a dentist office. The condition is often influenced by fears of pain or other distress at the thought of someone working on their teeth and gums. However, numerous treatments exist to help assuage fears associated with dental anxiety.

One of the key issues involved with dental anxiety involves noise anxiety that individuals experience. Simple sounds, such as the whirl of a cleaning utensil, are enough to stress out those most affected by dental anxiety. If you feel anxious or distressed, speak up to your dentist. They can help you with relaxing music or give you a squeeze ball or fidget spinner to squeeze your stress away.

Meditation prior to office visits as well as working on breathing routines can help lower your stress and dental anxiety. In addition, placing your mind in a place of relaxation such as a beach or garden also helps. If you are afraid of pain you may feel at the dentist office, speak with your dentist so they can apply a local anesthetic or form of a mild sedative to help calm and relax you. Not only due sedatives help to relax patients, but they are highly effective at eradicating pain that could potentially be felt.

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