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What is bruxism and what can you do to avoid it? Bruxism is a common yet potentially serious condition caused by unconsciously grinding your teeth together. If done frequently, especially while you sleep, you can chip or crack your teeth, wear down your tooth enamel, and even cause tooth loss. Unfortunately, avoiding it begins with addressing its symptoms and treating its potential causes.

It is entirely possible that another mouth disorder is the cause of your bruxism. If you have a disorder such as a TMD, known as a temporomandibular disorder, it may be possible that your jaw is not working properly, causing your teeth to align improperly and grind against each other much more easily. In addition, if your teeth are out of alignment, they are much more at risk of grinding together while you sleep.

It is entirely possible for your bruxism to be the result of a mental ailment, not a physical one. If you have excess stress or are constantly filled with anxiety, you are at an increased risk for bruxism. Various meditative techniques such as yoga and biofeedback can help reduce your stress. It is also important to get plenty of sleep and try to eat a healthy diet, as these can throw your hormones out of sync and make it more likely for bruxism to occur.

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