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Have you ever had a tooth extracted? It’s not always the most pleasant experience. Sometimes it brings relief, especially if the tooth had a cavity or was infected. Often, though, extractions are a sign of other, deeper problems.

But when do you need an extraction? And what do you do after an extraction? These are two questions that everyone should know the answer to. With that in mind, let’s take a look at a few of the basics about tooth extractions.

When do you need one?
We’re all pretty familiar with the most common tooth extraction – wisdom teeth. Luckily, not every extraction is that involved. Most extractions can be handled by a dentist. Aside from wisdom teeth, you’ll need an extraction if your baby teeth aren’t falling out on their own, you have an infected tooth, or you’re replacing a damaged tooth with an implant.

What happens next?
After Dr. Larry Leonakis extracts your teeth, you’ll have a few different options at your disposal. If you had your teeth extracted due to infection or severe damage, then it’s likely that you’ll need other treatment before getting an implant or bridge.

The most common step, though, is to replace the extracted tooth with an implant or bridge. These are both procedures that our team here at G. Larry Leonakis DDS Inc. in Carson City, Nevada, have extensive experience with.

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