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To ensure your smile can continue to function and thrive for many years to come, always use products that are safe and effective for your smile and visit your dentist for the necessary treatments and repairs as needed. Your teeth will wear down as you age, but there are effective ways to help remineralize and strengthen your teeth for decades of happiness. Your oral health care depends on making the right decisions with your diet, your cleaning abilities and your lifestyle, so do so to ensure your smile can shine.

Making sure your smile is kept safe includes making sure the products you are using are designed to keep your teeth safe without causing further damage. One highly effective tool to implement into your oral health care routine includes the use of mouth guards. Mouth guards are placed directly in your mouth to provide an additional layer of protection over your teeth and gums. Although they can limit damage to your teeth and gums, they cannot protect your jawbone. If you feel as if your jawbone may be at risk due to various activities you are involved in, a face mask may be required. With effective safety equipment and oral appliances, you can drastically lower the risks of severe oral accidents or injuries that can be caused in your day-to-day life.

Also, be aware of everyday risks to your mouth including the use of mouth jewelry or teeth whitening products. Mouth jewelry can cause several forms of dental damage including nerve damage, blood vessel damage, choking risks, chipped and cracked teeth and the risk for infectious diseases including hepatitis. If you have any further concerns about mouth jewelry and the risks they can lead to, speak with your dentist.

In terms of teeth whitening products, if you are going to use any over-the-counter products, speak with your dentist beforehand to make sure the product is safe for use. As an alternative whitening treatment, consider visiting your dentist for a professional in-office whitening treatment that can improve your smile without putting you at risk for bleached gums or worn-down tooth enamel

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