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Are you familiar with all the issues associated with infections in your mouth? Although infections within your gum tissue are commonly referred to as periodontal disease, an infection with your jaw bone or teeth can result in what is known as a toothache. Typically, toothaches come with abscess and pus that is noticeable around a tooth.

If you notice any irregularities with a tooth or experience severe pain, visit your dentist for a comprehensive oral examination to determine if a toothache is present. Toothaches commonly arise if you have recently had any sort of dental damage or a tooth extraction. If you continue to feel pain 24 hours after a tooth has been pulled or medication is not relieving the pain, it could be the result of nerve damage in connection with a toothache.

Other common visual clues to toothaches include oral inflammation, excessive swelling, high fevers or chills as well as facial rashes that have no other reasonable explanation. Furthermore, TMJ disorders, oral accidents and injuries, tooth decay, periodontal disease and other forms of cracked or split teeth can increase your risk of developing a toothache.

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