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The holidays are a fantastic time of the year, but if you’re not cautious, you can do real harm to your teeth. By taking measures to not open things with your teeth, to consume sweets at the appropriate moments and to do what you can to brush thoroughly, you can shield your teeth during the holidays. Here are a few bits of extra data to help you maximize your oral health this season:

Don’t open gifts with your teeth! Though it may be tempting to open presents and foods as soon as possible, don’t do it with your teeth: teeth can fissure or break when you use them to open items. Instead, use scissors and the proper tools for opening things.

Try eating sweets around meal times. Since your mouth naturally creates spit around meal times, consider eating any sweets you’ll have around meal times. The additional saliva in your oral cavity will help to clean away cavity-initiating bacteria.

Finally, make sure that you’re brushing for long enough by singing a holiday tune in your head as you brush. By mentally singing through a song, you’ll be sure to brush your teeth for the full two minutes that we suggest.

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