Dental Bridge Installation 101

Dental bridges are a great option to install in your mouth if you are missing one or more teeth. Discomfort and pain may be the result of these missing teeth, and here at G. Larry Leonakis DDS Inc., we want to relieve that discomfort. Be sure to visit our office in Carson City, Nevada, right… Read more »

Caring for Your Dentures

Dentures are just one of the ways Dr. Larry Leonakis can help restore your smile. But if you are new to wearing dentures, it’s important that you understand the best way to care for them. Taking proper care of your dentures will help them to remain clean and safe for you to use, and will… Read more »

Are You Suffering from Gum Disease?

Have you ever felt like your gums are feeling worse every day? Does your smile look like it’s getting weaker over time? If so, you may be suffering from an oral health condition known as periodontal disease, more commonly referred to as gum disease. Are you suffering from gum disease? Common symptoms of gum disease… Read more »

Keep Your Smile Shining Bright All Summer with Effective Oral Emergency Planning

Keep your smile shining brightly all summer with effective oral emergency planning. With effective planning, the chances of success with minimal recovery time are greatly increased. Always seek out professional help if an oral accident should occur. Listed below are a few types of oral emergencies and their effective treatment plans: Objects stuck in teeth:… Read more »

Bone Grafting to Restore Strength in Your Jaw

If you feel you are in need for a bone grafting procedure, you are not alone. Having a healthy smile is vital to your oral health, which is why sometimes a bone grafting procedure is needed. To help you better understand bone grafting and how it can help you, our team here at G. Larry… Read more »

Unhealthy Foods Can Damage Your Smile

Unhealthy foods can damage your smile. You could be putting your teeth at a greater risk of damage based on what you eat. Many foods can increase the rate at which tooth decay can transpire, while some can cause oral accidents or injuries to occur, and others can be so acidic that they eat right… Read more »

What Is Bruxism and What Can You Do to Avoid It?

What is bruxism and what can you do to avoid it? Bruxism is a common yet potentially serious condition caused by unconsciously grinding your teeth together. If done frequently, especially while you sleep, you can chip or crack your teeth, wear down your tooth enamel, and even cause tooth loss. Unfortunately, avoiding it begins with… Read more »

A Significant Tongue Injury Requires First Aid and Might Need Professional Care

A minor tongue injury from accidentally nipping your tongue when you’re chewing gum or eating food usually proves to be little more than a nuisance. In most of these cases, the worst thing you’ll experience is a small, swollen, tender spot or a little blood. More significant tongue injuries from an oral trauma like a… Read more »

Dealing with Jaw Pain? Here’s What You Need to Know

Do you have pain where your jaw connects to your head? Is there popping or immobility in that joint? If so, you may have temporomandibular disorder or disorder of the temporomandibular joint. Most often called TMJ pain or TMJ disorder, this disorder can make it difficult to eat or speak, and can be a distracting… Read more »

Are There Medical Conditions that Can Harm My Smile?

Sadly, there are certain medical conditions that can attack your teeth and gums and alter your oral health. This is why it’s important to take good care of your smile on a regular basis so your teeth, gums, and entire mouth don’t have to suffer. Some of the most common health issues that can affect… Read more »