Remove and Replace All Your Teeth - Tooth Replacement Options

Remove and Replace All Your Teeth - Tooth Replacement Options

Posted by G. LARRY LEONAKIS on Dec 6 2021, 03:19 AM

The appearance of a smile changes with a missing tooth. This can cause several problems and can negatively impact the alignment of your teeth over time. A missing tooth could lead to several problems if not replaced or removed over time.

A missing tooth can compromise your oral health and harm your confidence. It also affects your speech, ability to chew properly, and the integrity of your jawbone. It also causes misalignment by slowly shifting your teeth into the empty space. 

Thankfully, there are several alternatives available to replace your teeth and help restore your beautiful smile. Once the missing teeth are restored, you will have your smile back and eating and speaking will become much easier. The following are some of them: 

Dental Implants

As a tooth replacement option, implants are one of the most preferred. They look and feel like real teeth. They provide a permanent solution for replacing a single tooth or multiple teeth. They could last a lifetime if they are properly maintained. 
A dental implant is a metal screw that replaces your tooth's root. It is used as an anchor for the false tooth placed on top. The implant is fused to your jawbone and allowed to heal before a dental crown is placed on top and secured. 

Implant-Supported Bridge

This is the perfect solution for a row of multiple missing teeth. This bridge is as effective as dental implants. The artificial teeth at the two ends are supported by implants. The teeth in the middle are held in position without any screwing. They also provide a natural look.

Tooth-Supported Bridge

This bridge uses your existing teeth to support its placement. A crown is placed next to the missing ones and is cemented in position. It gives the same realistic look and feels like a bridge supported by a dental implant. But it is a more economical option. 

Removable Partial Dentures 

These dentures replace a small section of missing teeth. They look and function as normal teeth. However, they are less durable than an implant or a bridge. They are great for chewing and aesthetic appeal but can become uncomfortable when worn for an extended amount of time.

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