Is Your Mouth Running Dry?

Is Your Mouth Running Dry?

Posted by G. LARRY LEONAKIS on May 23 2018, 07:04 AM

We have each had moments of fear or stress during which our mouths “ran dry.” Besides just being a popular expression, it is also a very common reaction to a moment of panic or fear. But, if it is happening to you on a regular basis, then it is time to do something about it.

How do you know if you are suffering from dry mouth. That is, aside from your dry mouth? Other symptoms include dry, cracked lips, a sore throat, a dry burning sensation in your mouth or on your tongue. You may also experience trouble swallowing or speaking. A sore throat or a sticky sensation in your mouth are also indicators of a problem.

Dry mouth is the result of your body not manufacturing enough saliva to properly hydrate your mouth. If you don’t address the problem bad breath, gum disease, and cavities can result. Saliva keeps your mouth hydrated and clean, and helps to provide the minerals that keep your tooth enamel strong.

To find a solution to dry mouth, you need to first understand the causes. One such cause is Sjögren’s Syndrome, which is an immune system disorder that affects the salivary glands. If our dentist, Dr. Larry Leonakis thinks that you may be suffering from Sjögren’s he may want you to see your primary care physician. Parkinson’s can also led to dry mouth, as well as a number of other medical conditions. Medications can also contribute to the problem, and this is where your dentist and your doctor will want together to come up with the best solution for you. If you are being treated for Hodgkin’s or are receiving radiation treatments for cancer, let your dentist know. You may want to start taking a vitamin C supplement which will help boost your immune system. In some cases, the dentist may prescribe a mouthwash or artificial saliva, or you can talk with him about alternatives that are available over the counter.

On the other hand, fixing your dry mouth may be as simple as drinking more water, since one of the primary causes of the problem is often dehydration. The solution may be a simple as drinking more water. It may help to sleep with humidifier. Chewing sugarless gum is a great way to jump-start your salivary glands, and it is also a great way to clean your teeth and freshen your breath after a meal or when you are on the go.

In some instances, you may be the source of your own problem. Dry mouth can be caused by drinking too much coffee, alcohol and tobacco. It may be time to cut back or even eliminate some of your lifestyle choices.

No matter the cause of your dry mouth in Carson City, Nevada we are happy to help you find the cause and some solutions. To make an appointment at G. Larry Leonakis DDS Inc., call 775-882-0635 today.

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