Gum Contouring: Get Rid of Gummy Smile

Gum Contouring: Get Rid of Gummy Smile

Posted by G. LARRY LEONAKIS on Jan 24 2022, 05:13 AM

Gums ensure safety for teeth and jawbones. However, it sometimes covers a larger portion of the teeth, resulting in a smile that looks unbalanced. It may be due to the inflamed gum tissue or the side effects of some drugs. 

A person might be unhappy with his smile as his gums rest either too high or too low on their teeth. It can also have oral health ramifications. It becomes difficult to clean the debris between the teeth when the gums become too thick.  

Is Gum Contouring a Remedy to a Gummy Smile?

Gum contouring is regarded as a cosmetic procedure. To have a better smile and to create an appealing look, most people reshape their gums. The dentist at first numbs the area to be worked on during the treatment. They employ special instruments to cut out unnecessary gum tissues. 

Today, laser-based treatment to remove gums is gaining worldwide attention. It helps to seal the tissue to lessen bleeding and creates a more precise shape.  

Contouring is a permanent solution to gummy smiles and a person does not have to worry about excess gum tissue again. It also improves the aesthetics of your smile and makes it look more natural. The treatment removes a large strip of the gum tissue across the top to help expand and expose crowns to create a brighter, more even smile that shows all teeth. 

Gum contouring generates a sense of symmetry throughout the mouth. Gum tissue is reduced to reposition the gum line so that more of your tooth is evident. One does not have to live with a gummy smile for a lifetime. 

What Are Its Health Benefits? 

There are other health benefits to contouring beyond its aesthetic aspect. Excess tissue often leads to the trapping of food particles. They are difficult to remove via brushing and flossing and lead to tooth decay. Patients undergoing these conditions often report regular gum irritation and are more susceptible to periodontal diseases.

Contouring trims the gumline which lessens the occurrence of tooth decay and periodontal issues. It helps to preserve existing teeth and helps to keep your teeth stay healthier for a longer period.

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