Dental Hygiene; Coming Back From the Pandemic

Dental Hygiene; Coming Back From the Pandemic

Posted by G. LARRY LEONAKIS on Mar 23 2021, 09:58 PM

Like we give utmost importance to our physical health, it is essential to equal importance to our dental health too. Maintaining good oral health ensures that all dental diseases are kept at bay, and our overall health is not compromised.  

Today we live under the shadow of COVID-19, so it becomes difficult to give importance to our oral health. In this article, let us discuss some of the important aspects of keeping our oral health in good shape amidst the pandemic. So let us get started. 

Brush your teeth regularly.

No matter what the situation is, one of the biggest and most basic steps towards maintaining your oral health in good condition is brushing your teeth twice every day without fail. Post brushing, it is recommended to floss the teeth. This will make sure that the food residues stuck in the teeth are removed. Otherwise, the plaque present in between the teeth can turn into tartar and can cause some serious gum problems.  

Avoid sugar and junk foods. 

Post pandemic, it has become a habit for many people to eat and drink all those food items that they couldn’t eat as a result of lock-down and lack of accessibility of food items. If you like junk food and are fond of sugary items, you will have to be extra careful as these food items can be harmful to your oral health. Junk food and sugary substance tend to get stuck on your teeth which can cause a cavity in your teeth. So it is very important to limit the consumption of such food items. 

Offer fluoridated water 

Make sure you use fluoridated water as it plays an important role in maintaining your oral health in good condition. It is recommended to consume fluoridated, especially in sippy cups. 

Dental Check-ups

No matter how careful you are when it comes to your oral health, there is always a loophole. So it is recommended to visit your dentist and get your regular check-ups done. This will make sure that any problem in your oral region that can cause a major problem can be solved immediately.

Taking care of our dental hygiene is important, especially in times of pandemics. Want help? Book a consultation with our professional dentist now!

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