Calcium And Vitamin D: Your Antidote For Stronger, Healthier Teeth

Calcium And Vitamin D: Your Antidote For Stronger, Healthier Teeth

Posted by G. LARRY LEONAKIS on Feb 23 2021, 02:55 AM

Your teeth need nutrients such as calcium and vitamin D to maintain that big, vibrant smile. In fact, a report published by the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research has revealed that both calcium and vitamin D play a very important role in the maintenance of healthy teeth and gums - not only in children but also in adults. However, that doesn’t mean you focus on these alone but keep up the daily brushing and flossing habit. Visiting the dentist on a regular basis will help save your teeth for a long time during old age.

How Calcium And Vitamin D Help Your Teeth

Calcium and vitamin D benefits your teeth differently. Calcium ensures your jawbones are strong and healthy - which in turn helps keep your teeth in place in the long run. Calcium regulates phosphorus and offers additional strengthening benefits to the jawbones. For children, a healthy dose of calcium and phosphorus while growing up is essential for a strong dental structure.

On the other hand, Vitamin D works as the gatekeeper to balance the amount of calcium and phosphorus in your body. It can also reduce inflammation of gums which otherwise leads to a variety of gum diseases.

Foods For A Stronger Teeth

You should consume a healthy diet every day to maintain strong teeth and a vibrant smile. Calcium-rich foods that are good for the teeth include dairy foods such as cheese and yogurt, brown rice, oranges, beans, broccoli, salmon, peas, and cabbage. Natural Vitamin D sources are sunlight, cereals, eggs, and oily fish. So, build a diet with a combination of foods containing calcium and vitamin D.

Bottom line, you need to complement your oral care routine with a healthy diet that contains calcium and Vitamin D to keep your teeth strong and your smile stronger.

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