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A minor tongue injury from accidentally nipping your tongue when you’re chewing gum or eating food usually proves to be little more than a nuisance. In most of these cases, the worst thing you’ll experience is a small, swollen, tender spot or a little blood.

More significant tongue injuries from an oral trauma like a blow to the face or a hard fall have the potential to cause serious pain, requiring quality first aid and perhaps even professional treatment from Dr. Larry Leonakis.

If your tongue is bleeding excessively or if you’ve somehow bitten through it, professional care at the local emergency room is warranted.

Wrapping your tongue in a few layers of sterile gauze and applying light pressure can help control the bleeding. If you’re struggling to grasp your tongue with your fingers, you could try pressing your tongue that is wrapped in gauze to the roof of your mouth. Try not to swallow too much blood as this can lead to stomach upset.

If the bleeding persists after a half an hour or if the pain is getting worse, it’s a clear sign that the tongue injury requires professional treatment in the emergency room or an urgent care clinic.

If you live in the Carson City, Nevada, area and you’ve suffered a serious tongue injury, you can always call 775-882-0635 to seek further advice or professional care at our dental office.